Elementor #1913

KNEE PAIN 1. Knee Pain Symptoms – Redness and warmth to touch – Stiffness and swelling – Instability or weakness – Not being able to straighten the knees fully – Crunching sound in knee with pain 2. Causes for Knee Pain – Injuries – Mechanical – Loose body in tissues – Arthritis 3. When you are to visit Physiotherapist – When you cannot bear your weight on your knees, nerve pain in your knee, or if it feels to be unstable almost giving out out. – When you have some some marked knee swellings. – When not quite able to fully extend or flex out your knees. – When you See any obvious deformity in your knee or sharp pain in the knee. – When having a fever, redness, swelling, and pain in your knee areas. – When suffering from significant knee pain associated with any previous injury. – If you have sharp stabbing pain in the knee comes and goes. 4. Risks to Knee injury – Extra weight – Lack of muscle strength or flexibility – Certain occupations or sports – Any previous injury 5. How to Prevent – Keep thise extra kilos off your main body weight – Be in your shape to play your favorite sport – Practice movement patterns perfectly – Be strong with a good protein and calcium diet and also stay flexible ‍6. Physiotherapist Advice on Acute knee pain – Apply ice to your knee at least three times per day for periods of at least 20 min. – Try walking as normally as you can. – Rest your legs as much as necessary.

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