Orthopedic Trauma Technology

Orthopedic Trauma Technologists is medical professions with specialization in assessing, designing and fabricating and fitting of orthopedic appliances, use appliances to manage deformities and fracture and injuries to the soft tissues.

At Tender Touch, we can handle any orthopaedic injury. Our orthopaedic trauma surgeons have the training and experience to provide lifesaving care, starting from the moment you come through our doors and continuing throughout the healing process.

Trauma, which causes skeletal injury is associated with number of causes such as road accident and fall injury. Increasing number of trauma associated with road accidents and other causes has propelled the need for orthopedic trauma technicians.


We use various orthopedic trauma devices like the internal fixator, which are placed surgically at the location of fracture, and includes screw and plates system, nails, implants, and cables and wires.

 Our Tender Touch Rehabilitation Services include: 

  • Application of POP
  • Removal of POP

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