About Us

About Us

Tender Touch Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services is a limited company registered in Kenya being a one-stop health care provider company focusing in providing state of the art holistic Rehabilitation services (Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy and Orthopedic & Trauma Technology) for the wellbeing of Kenyans and the region in either:-
a) Facility Based <> visit or book to see Therapist in our clinics <>
b) Home Based <> Therapists arrange to attend to patient at home set-up <>
c) Virtual/Talk to a Therapist <> Consultation or follow-up of patients by phone or video <>

All clients referred or visiting our branch clinics are admitted into Tender Touch Management System and booked to be seen by appropriate clinician upon finalizing with respective billing logistics. All clients’ documentations are securely stored in our Management System for viewing only by authorized clinicians as may be required.

Our Team:
Tender Touch Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation staff is a team of licensed Rehabilitation professionals in various disciplines with exceptional experience in client care. All our therapists are registered into Tender Touch Management system in various respective clinics from where they see respective booked clients.

Mission Statement
To provide quality Rehabilitation care services to the general public members of the community for the enhancement of physical health and functional abilities.

To steer a healthy, successful company that is top in quality patient care and a one spot in rehabilitation services.

Tender Touch Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation’s objective is to provide quality services to attain patient satisfaction that results in repeated return of patients and generates recommendations for new referrals.

Data Management
Tender Touch Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Services has a centralized management system for admission, appointment for consultation/treatment/reschedules bookings, billing and patient documentation across all company facilities. This ensures equity and efficient delivery of our services to our clients.