What is virtual or tele-rehabilitation?

Tele- Rehabilitation is the provision of Rehab services from a distance and involves communication with a patient who is remotely located from the primary therapist providing service.

When do I need Tele – Rehabilitation?

  • You are currently restricted to visit your health facility?
  • Or you are unable to travel due to any kind of restriction?

Which services do I get with Tele- Rehabilitation?

Wao! Tender Touch Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation is here handy to provide you with virtual appointment and consultation in the comfort of your phone!!!  

  • Rehabilitation assessment, screening or referral;
  • Follow up on individualized home exercise program;
  • Education on activity and lifestyle modification in order to treat and prevent a large variety of conditions, injuries and illness including education on use of home-based physical aids or modalities – heat/cold depending on what the patient has available at home.

How do I book for Tele –Rehabilitation?

First, you need a smart phone to install ttrehab app with which you will be able to book for an appointment. Ahead of your virtual appointment Tender Touch system will generate you an ‘Activation Code’ via your email to enable you access your appointment schedule.  

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